Get Involved!

Are you ready to take your involvement in Hydrophiles to the next level? Its easy to help out with planning and organizing Hydrophiles events! Hydrophiles members are the reason Hydrophiles exists. We want our activities and events to bring together the OSU water community and help our members build the skills, connections, and resources needed to be successful here and in the future, and we also love to have fun.

We have eight teams focused on different aspects of Hydrophiles activities. Each team has a leader the general membership and one or two officer liasons, plus more general members to help make things happen. Teams meet throughout the year to plan and prepare for events and activities. If you are interested in getting involved, contact a team leader and/or officer liason to get on the list. They'll let you know about opportunities and help you figure out how you can contribute.

  • Contact a team leader/officer liason

2014-2015 Teams

Team Name Team Leader(s) Officer Liason Description
Water on Tap Brett Boisjolie Thomas Mosier Plan and organize general audience presentations
Symposium Matt Cooper and Thomas Mosier Thomas Mosier Plan and organize the Water Research Symposium
Service Learning Laura Hempel Caroline Nash Plan and organize volunteer activities
Special Events Laurel Stratton and Grant Livingston Leah Tai Help members plan speakers, field trips, and other special events
Networking Jordan Beamer Caroline Nash Build connections with alumni, faculty, and water professionals
Mentoring Alan Stanton and Jon Viducich Leah Tai Facilitate the WRGP mentoring program
Web Erica Kemp Erica Kemp Manage, update, and maintain the Hydrophiles website and social media
Social Lauren Smitherman Kylie Pace Plan and organize BBQs, happy hours, and other social events

Water on Tap Team

The Water on Tap team plans monthly, informal presentations on water related topics, presented at a local brewpub. Team members help recruit presenters, reserve meeting rooms, publicize the event, and brainstorm presentation ideas.

  • Leader: Brett Boisjolie
  • Liason: Thomas Mosier 

Symposium Team

The symposium team plans and puts on the annual Water Research Symposium that takes place each spring. Team members help solicit and review abstracts, raise money, find sponsors, organize food and refreshments, organize presentations, and help out during the event.

  • Co-Leaders: Matt Cooper and Thomas Mosier
  • Liason: Thomas Mosier 

Service Learning Team

The service learning team plans and organizes service activities, such as volunteering with local watershed councils, setting up information booths at local events, and working with other campus organizations on water-related service projects.

  • Leader: Laura Hempel
  • Liason: Caroline Nash


Special Events Team

The special events team provides a support system for members who want to plan a special event, such as a speaker, movie viewing, field trip, etc. The officer liasons help event leaders with scheduling, publicity, and funding, and provide general support for making an event happen. If you have an idea for an event you want to take on, contact the special events team to get started.

  • Co-Leaders: Grant Livingston and Laurel Stratton
  • Liason: Leah Tai 

Networking Team

The networking team works to connect Hydrophiles members with OSU water faculty, alumni, and water professionals. We plan events such as the career panel and help organize networking at the Water Research Symposium. We also work to bring in faculty, post-docs, and others on campus to our events to strengthen connections among the OSU water community

  • Leader: Jordan Beamer
  • Liason: Caroline Nash


Mentoring Team

The mentoring team facilitates WRGP mentoring for first year grad students. We are also open to other mentoring activities (mentoring with other programs, mentoring with professionals) if there are interested students who want to make that happen.

  • Co-Leaders: Alan Stanton and Jon Viducich
  • Liaison: Leah Tai 

Web Team

The web team maintains the Hydrophiles website, as well as our social networking site and activities. The Hydrophiles website is a place for us to share information about Hydrophiles and our activities. We always need people who are interested in helping with maintaining and updating the website. This is also a great way to learn about web design using Drupal.

Interested in photography? Hydrophiles has a Flickr page for sharing photos of our events and our members' adventures with water. Post a photo or help organize and maintain our albums!

Interested in social media? Hydrophiles has a Facebook page, a Facebook group, a Twitter page, and a LinkedIn page to connect our members and spread the word about what we are doing and thinking about.

  • Leader: Erica Kemp 

Social Team

The social team organizes fun activities to bring together members of the Hydrophiles community. We organize the Fall and Spring BBQs as well as happy hours and other fun events throughout the year.

  • Leader: Lauren Smitherman
  • Liason: Kylie Pace 

Other Opportunities

Hydrophiles Officers

  • Hydrophiles officers organize events and activities and assist members with planning other activities
  • Elections for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Webmaster happen each spring at the Spring BBQ