The officers positions for Hydrophiles include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster, Marys River Watershed Council Representative, and the Symposium Planning Committee Chair. Officers and representatives are elected each year by popular vote of the members. Additionally, as a sponsored student organization the Hydrophiles have a faculty sponsor -- a position which is also determined annually. 

2019-2020 Officers and Advisors

Photo Position Name Information
Co-President Abby Hale

Abby is from Tonasket, WA about 45 minutes south of the Canadian Border. Working on her masters in Water Resources Engineering and in Biological and Ecological Engineering, She is studying potential groundwater additions for thermal restoration. Before studying more Earth-based resources, her interests were extraterrestrial and she studied aerospace and potential Mars mission design!

Co-President Nina Aragon

 Nina studies snow distribution in mountains and snow-derived water resources. Nina likes to do anything that involves going up or down mountains, preferably when they are covered in snow. 

Vice President Ben Roberts-Pierel

Ben likes the shapes formed by ice and snow and thought all the states in the US had only one area code until he was in college.

Treasurer Austin Wissler

Austin grew up on the coast of Lake Superior in Upper Michigan and is currently a second year PhD student in the Water Resources Engineering Program. He enjoys backpacking, fly fishing, whistling, and talking about beavers.

Secretary Elise Mazur

Elise is a second year masters student in Geography studying ways to identify urban agriculture with remote sensing in order to understand its spatial dynamics. She enjoys hiking and backpacking to see all the amazing sights in Oregon. While she doesn't directly study water, she sure likes drinking it. 

Webmaster Kyle Proctor


Kyle is a third year PhD student in Water Resource Engineering. His research aims to better understand, and quantify, crop growth and water use efficiency in dual-use systems which combine photovoltaic solar panels and agricultural production. When not in the field, Kyle enjoys hiking, camping, and road trips with a good soundtrack. 


Marys River Watershed Council Representative Leah Cromer

Leah is a second year Master’s student in Water Resources Engineering, studying sediment transport and channel evolution in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest. Leah enjoys playing outside, swimming in cold water (the colder, the better), and buying excessive amounts of tomatoes. 

Symposium Planning Committee Chair Katie Wampler

Katie is a second year masters student in Water Resources advised by Kevin Bladon. Her research is focused on investigating how wildfires impact drinking water source quality using a process-based model to answer questions about what makes areas vulnerable to water quality impacts and how those impacts will change in the future with climate change. Katie enjoys photography, craft projects, and trying to take her two cats hiking.

Mary Santelmann photo Advisor Dr. Mary Santelmann College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Michael Campana photo Advisor Dr. Michael Campana  College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences