Hydrophiles sponsors and organizes a variety of events throughout the year.  These events have generally fallen into four categories: 1) professional development, 2) academic, 3) service learning, and 4) social events.  Some events are repeated annually, such as our fall and spring barbecues at Avery Park, whereas others are proposed and orchestrated during the year based on the expressed interests and desires of our members.  If you have ideas for future activities please contact the officers to share your ideas!  Below are examples of some past Hydrophiles events, and you can check out the events archive for even more information.

Professional Development

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Mentoring First Year Water Resources Students: Starting in the 2010-2011 academic year, Hydrophiles members have met regularly with first year students in the Water Resources Graduate Program to discuss courses, research, being a grad student, living in Corvallis, and many other topics to help these students adjust to life as an OSU grad student and make the most out of their time here. In the fall of 2015 the Hydrophiles welcomed 15 new students to WRGP.

Service Learning

Hydrophiles Volunteering: In the early hours of August 22nd, a small crew of Hydrophiles made the trek up to Portland to spend the morning removing trash and clearing concrete along the Willamette River in downtown Portland. The project was sponsored by jointly by Travel Oregon's Philanthropy Fund and the Human Access Project.  Travel Oregon's mission is to provide small grants to projects in different regions around Oregon, focusing on engaging businesses and travelers with projects that improve the natural environment and support local culture.  The Human Access Project takes this directive to heart, working to open up beaches and access points along the Willamette to give Portlanders access to the water during hot, muggy summer months, and improve the community's appreciation of their local waterway. 
Together with a group of State Tourism Directors from around the country and a crew from the local correctional facility, the team was able to remove 20 bags of trash and over a ton of concrete from the shore.  Hydrophiles' plans to celebrate with a float down the Clackamas were thwarted by a dramatic shift in winds that brought smoke from all the fires burning in Eastern Oregon into the valley, but were instead rewarded with some roof-top tacos, courtesy of ESTO Cares. Keep your eyes pealed next time you're in downtown Portland for some freshly cleared access points down to the river!
Social Events

Annual Fall and Spring Barbecues:  All members of the OSU water community are invited to barbecues at Avery Park in Corvallis, held at the beginning of each fall academic term and the end of each spring term.  These cookouts are our most highly attended events, and a great opportunity to socialize, network, and enjoy food and drink together. The Fall 2015 barbecue will be held on October 4th at Avery Park from 1-5 PM. Activities will include new vs old student tug of war, bags, and much more. Keep on eye out for emails with more detailed information soon!