American Water Resources Association

AWRA BannerHydrophiles is the Oregon State University student chapter of the American Water Resources Association (AWRA).  By becoming a member of the Hydrophiles, students also obtain membership status in this student chapter of AWRA.  The Hydrophiles gained formal recognition as a student chapter of the AWRA by submitting a request to the national AWRA that included a copy of our constitution and bylaws, proof of membership enrollment, and a statement of our objectives and organizational activities.  Also, the Hydrophiles selected an advisor who was an AWRA national member.  Maintaining a close affiliation with the OR state section and national AWRA provides opportunities for professional development and networking for the Hydrophiles members.  Hydrophiles, and other graduate students, may purchase a student membership to the national AWRA, which includes benefits such as free access to the Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA), discounts on conference registrations, and opportunities for competitive scholarships that are sponsored by AWRA.  Click here to view the conditions and benefits of student-membership in the AWRA.

American Institute of Hydrology

American Institute of Hydrology BannerHydrophiles is also the Oregon State University Student Chapter of the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH).  The AIH is an organization committed to the development and recognition of professionalism in the field of hydrology, and offers multiple professional certifications.  By paying dues to the Hydrophiles, students obtain the status of student member in the AIH.  The Hydrophiles obtained official recognition as a student chapter of the AIH through similar methods as for the AWRA.  The national AIH promotes the creation of student chapters throughout the USA as a way of preparing undergraduate and graduate students for further professional certification after graduation.  Those Hydrophiles who are majoring in fields of science and engineering are encouraged to develop their curriculum to meet the academic standards required by the AIH.  After completing this curriculum, graduates may become associate members of the national AIH.  The next steps to obtaining a professional hydrologist certification include passing two exams:  a fundamentals of hydrology examination, followed by a discipline-specific examination that emphasizes practical problem solving abilities.  To learn more about these certification opportunities, click here.  

Water Resources Graduate Program and the Institute for Water and Watersheds at OSU

The Hydrophiles receive generous support from the Water Resources Graduate Program and the Institue for Water and Watersheds at Oregon State University.  The Hydrophiles cooperate with the WRGP and IWW to help organize water-related events, on and off campus, that promote interaction and communication between students, faculty, and water resource practitioners affiliated with OSU, and beyond.