About Hydrophiles

Hydrophiles is a Sponsored Student Organization at Oregon State University. Our objective is to provide a forum for academic, professional, and social interaction among students, faculty, and other members of the Oregon State University community who share a common interest in all areas of water resources and hydrology, including science, policy, and engineering.

Water-related issues often connect people in unique ways, and here at OSU, water-related research and curriculum is spread across the campus. Since its inception, Hydrophiles has played key roles in unifying and shaping the rapidly growing hydro community at OSU. Hydrophiles regularly organizes social events, networking and professional development activities, academic activities, and volunteer opportunities. 

Hydrophiles was first organized during October 1997. Over the years it has grown and evolved along with the water resources programs at OSU. Today, Hydrophiles is a thriving student-run organization with over 100 student and faculty participants who span a broad range of colleges, departments, majors, and programs. Hydrophiles now has alumni in dozens of government, non-profit, and private-sector organizations. Looking forward, we hope that this professional alumni network will continue to grow and offer great networking opportunities for future Hydrophiles.