Confused about how to make payments with your index? Please check below on how to make payments to people within OSU, outside vendors, or check out a credit card.

Internal Payments

Payments & Reimbursements: to a person

A disclaimer before we start: To access this form you will need to have an RSO index. If you do not have an index, please fill out the RSO Fund Index Request form on your Ideal-Logic dashboard.
In addition, for this specific tutorial you will need the full name of the student or faculty/staff, OSU email address and mailing address to be able to fill out the form. Let’s get started.

  1. Log into “” and click on “OSU login” using your ONID login.
  2. On your club dashboard, in the light green box to the right, click on the “Payment Request form”.
  3. There will be two selections that show up. One is the RSO Payment Authorization and the other is RSO Credit Card Request. You will select the RSO Payment Authorization because you are reimbursing an individual for expenses incurred out of pocket. Then click “next”.
  4. Here you will need to select the “type”, “external” or “internal”
  5. Click “Internal (OSU student/staff/Group)”, then select “OSU Student/Staff”.
  6. Click “Select a Person” and type in the name of the person who is being reimbursed.
  7. If the person does not appear; click “Add a New Person”. Enter their first name, last name and OSU email address and click “Create New Person”.
  8. Afterwards their ID number will automatically populate. In this instance Beaver Beaver isn’t a real person so that will not populate.
  9. Next, you will click “Add Address...”, add their mailing address and then click “Add Address”.
  10. Then, select mail a check/direct deposit. You can enter special instructions/notes if you need to here.
  11. Next select “Account Codes”, you will enter in the amount, provide a description on what was purchased, and select the appropriate account code. If the account code you need is not listed, please click other and fill the text box. To add more than one Account Code, repeat the process for each one. If you find an error, you can choose to “edit” or “remove” the account code.
  12. The next section on the form is “Expense Information”. It will ask you for the who, what, where, when, and why for the expense. You will answer the prompts via the text boxes.
  13. Next, we will need to know the status of your receipts. Your options are: I have all of my receipts, I have some of my receipts, or I have no receipts.
  14. If you have all of your receipts or have some of your receipts you will be asked to upload the supporting documentation. These receipts must match up with the total amount from the account codes.
  15. If you choose “I do not have all of my receipts, or I have no receipts” you will need to answer the “Lost Affidavit Questions”.
  16. Last item is the authorized signers. Click “Select a Person” and choose one of the authorized signers from your organization. Your club can have up to five authorized signers. The Authorized Signer cannot authorize any payment/reimbursement to themself. If you need to update your authorized signers, reference our video about updating authorized signers.
  17. Click “Next”. On the next page it will show if you have all the required fields complete. If you have all green check marks, then you are ready to click “Submit Submission”.
  18. Lastly, if you have any further questions or concerns you can refer to our website ( for our office hours and contact information.

External Payments