Welcome to Corvallis!  Here in Corvallis there are a variety of resources to support you...


Looking for Kosher food?

Corvallis does have a Trader Joe's (located on 1550 NW 9th St) does carry Kosher meat.  The selection is not always as varied as we'd like, but if you call them they will happily place a special order for any indivual looking for their favorite Kosher meats.

Most supermarkets carry dried Kosher foods, but the Safeway on 53rd and Philomath Blvd. is the designated vendor for Passover, Chanukah and all other holidays.  Representatives from the Corvallis Synagoge, Beit Am, work with the managers to make sure our food needs are provided for.

Nearly Normal's is the only all vegetarian restaraunt in town.  While their products are not guarenteed Kosher, there is no possibility of cross contamination. 

On the OSU campus, our University Housing and Dining Services are working on creating a Kosher menu.  In the meantime they do provide dining guides for Vegetarian and Vegan or Hallal options to held you navigate your options on campus.

New Morning Bakery carries fresh baked Challah most days of the week.