Aloha Pizza Reception

Hui o Hawai'i invites Hawai'i and Polynesian students and families to join us for pizza on campus.  This event is usually held during CONNECT Week before school starts, so it is a great opportunity for Hawai'i students to meet each other for the first time.

Hui o Hawai'i Welcome Back BBQ

At the beginning of fall term, Hui o Hawai'i hosts a welcome back BBQ for new and returning OSU students.  At the barbeque, Hui o Hawai'i officers and students get to meet each other, play games, and eat free food. 

Big Braddah/Big Sistah Orientation and Retreat

Hui o Hawai'i invites all Hawai'i and Polynesian students to join us for an orientation and retreat held at Peavey Arboretum Forestry Cabin.  This event allows new students to connect with returning students and learn some tips to be successful at OSU.  Students enjoy numerous activities as well as a dinner provided by the club.
Corn Maze

For Halloween, Hui o Hawai'i members meet at the APCC for a spam musubi breakfast before heading out to a corn maze.  Students enjoy completing the maze as well as a pumpkin patch and some other attractions.  

Shopping Trips

At least twice a year, Hui o Hawai'i takes students on an all-day excursion to a large mall and Asian superstore.  Some locations where Hui o Hawai'i has shopped include Washington Square, Clackamus Town Center, Lloyd's Center, Woodburn, Uwajimaya, and more.  


Blazers Game

During Fall Term, Hui o Hawaii attends a Portland Trail Blazers basketball game at the Rose Garden in downtown Portland.  Students are taken to Lloyd Center for dinner before heading to the Garden for the game.  After the game, students are able to spend some time on the court for pictures and a couple of shots.  

Blazers Game Fall 2012

Ski Trip

During Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, Hui o Hawai'i members and friends go on a ski trip to Mount Bachelor.  The club rents out beautiful cabins in Sunriver Oregon for two nights.  On Sunday, everyone heads to the mountains to enjoy a day of skiing, snowboarding, or tubing.  

OSU Luau

Hui o Hawai'i has been hosting the OSU Luau for nearly 60 years.  Over 1000 guests come to Gill Coliseum in late April or early May to eat Hawaiian food and enjoy a Polynesian show and concert.  Students, families, and friends in the community come out to dance and volunteer for the luau.  It is a very big production and one of the largest student events at OSU every year.  Dancers begin practicing in January and tons of volunteers put in hours of work for luau.  The luau also has a concert after the dinner and performances that has featured many popular bands such as Ekolu, Natural Vibrations, Ten Feet, Ho'onua, Fiji, Koa'uka, J Boog, Laga Savea, and more.  

End of the year BBQ

Before heading home for summer vacation, all Hui o Hawai'i members are invited to an end of the year BBQ to celebrate the end of another year of college.  Students enjoy each other's company and reflect on the memories of the past year.