Mission Statement

The GIGSO is a student organization whose function is to augment the education of undergraduate and graduate geotechnical engineering students through partnerships with local geotechnical engineering professionals, continuing education outside the classroom, coordinated construction site visits, and our monthly guest speaker series. The GIGSO strives to host social activities to strengthen the relationhship between students and faculty and to increase outreach to undergraduate students. The GIGSO serves to reinforce Oregon State University's graduate geotechnical engineering program and to continute its reputation for excellence.


To grow and become a highly functioning student organization capable of reaching out to current and prospective civil engineering students and increase their understanding of geotechnical engineering

To enhance our relationship with local geotechnical engineering professionals through our lecture series, Portland Geotechnical Group Dinner meetings, site visits and other continuing education opportunities

To participate in team design challenges organized by the Geo-Institute

To increase the interest of geotechnical engineering among civil engineering students at Oregon State University and facilitate their desire to understand the sub-discipline of geotechnical engineering


For more information please write to [email protected], or Faculty Advisor, Dr. Armin Stuedlein, P.E. at [email protected]