Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority

A Latina service-based organization
dedicated to promoting the achievement and quest of higher education
amongst all women.

While learning about cultures, traditions, and values
we provide women with leadership, scholarship, and community service opportunities.
We are a sisterhood founded on the pillars of: 


Our purpose is to promote and instill in every member of our Sorority the values of Honesty, Integrity, Leadership, Scholarship, and Unity.

These pillars have become the foundation of our organization and a symbol of devotion to our purpose. By encouraging these admirable characteristics, each member enriches her life with these lifelong attributes. As a member of Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, you will also become a significant addition to our strong, unified Sisterhood.


Education with a focus on mentoring youth

Gamma Alpha Omega’s commitment to mentoring youth began in 2011 with the founding of the Gamma Alpha Omega's Emeralds for Education, which brought youth mentoring to our local communities through various organizations. We have worked to promote youth mentorship ever since. Gamma Alpha Omega knows the power of women to effect positive change, and has proven it from our volunteer work to foster educational and mentoring programs and support Emeralds for Education. Our chapters support local and national organizations, volunteering many hours and generously fundraising for this cause.

HIV & AIDS Awareness 

One of many purposes of our sorority is to support women, particularly women of color. Often times issues that affect these women are often ignored or set aside. Our chapters support HIV & AIDS Awareness as another philanthropy by educating communities about the difference between HIV & AIDS, how and where to get tested to know your status, and helping to stop the stigma of HIV & AIDS.

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