The Oregon State University Gaming Club is a student organization that provides a environment for students to meet up with one another and game. Our events have ranged from 20 to 400 attendees.

In the past, numerous organizations have sponsored these Gaming Club events.

'What's in it for us if we sponsor you?'

  • Attendees "Like" through social media outlets, (E.g., official Fan pages)
  • Logos put on all printed material (Posters, paper adverts, event info sheets, and more)
  • Logos put on all digital outlets (Official website, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch)
  • Logos put on our event pictures (Thousands of views!)
  • Presence in our campus booth setups
  • Booth space at our live events

'What would the Gaming Club like in exchange?'

Sponsoring the Oregon State University Gaming Club will never require a monetary contribution. In exchange for sponsoring our club, we ask that sponsors donate items to offer potential attendees as incentives to attend our events. Previously, it has consisted of computer hardware, video games, tech gear, food and drink, graphic t-shirts and much more. 

If you do not have any tangible products that you would like to give to the attendees, but would like to support the Gaming Club itself - monetary donations are possible and can be considered as tax write-offs.

If this is something that would interest you or your organization, please feel free to email Jack Wegrich or join our discord server for more information.

Game on!