How to get involved in the Food and Fermentation Club at Oregon State University

Email: Sign up for the Food and Fermentation Science Club Mailing list to get email updates about upcoming club meetings and events. Feel free to reach out to club officers via email with ideas for events, activities, and collaborations, or for more information about the club.
Attend general club meetings: This is a great way to meet other students in the program, faculty in the University, and the officers of the club. Come to hear about upcoming events and what we're doing.
Attend events: At meetings, the officers will talk about different events, workshops, industry tours, service projects, etc. that will take place, and give information as to how to get involved. Sign up! They are a fun way to get to know other students and learn more about the food and beverage industry.
Have ideas for events, workshops, tours, service projects, fun things to talk about? Bring your ideas to a meeting and talk with an officer about how to make it happen!