January 17, 2018
Phired Up is building methods to transform the way fraternities onboard our new
members, utilizing ideas and best practices of current fraternity men.
The strategy is based on two key concepts:

  •  The desire to earn success through adversity is a natural male trait
  •  Men want to engage in conversations about what they can do, instead

of what they cannot.
This is a pilot program that aims to revolutionize the mindset our industry has in
onboarding members. We want to collaborate with undergraduates to focus
on challenging, rewarding, and practical strategies that will lead to better
Oregon State University fraternity men in the years beyond initiation.
Phired Up is an education firm specializing in the art and science of membership
growth. Our dynamic recruitment model has achieved results nationwide and
we are excited about extending our reach from bid day to initiation.
True success in this area will go beyond a one-day program. We want to
partner to determine a plan that will best fit the needs, goals, and budget of
the IFC. The next page will help articulate options that make up a sample
training day, as well as post-visit support. The format and delivery is 100%
customizable and your feedback is welcomed.
I look forward to learning more about the needs of the Oregon State IFC, and
collaborating to bring more purpose to the onboarding of future members.
Looking forward to your feedback on the ideas!

Matt Farrell
Education & Training Director
[email protected]


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