This award will be given to a WRGP student finishing their first spring in the program. The individual selected should show the ability to bring people together, serve as a leader in the Water Resources Graduate Group, and demonstrate a passion for promoting community building into the future. In order to be eligible for this award, please provide a brief (<400 words) answer to one of the following questions:

  1. How will your past experiences and future visions impact collaboration around water resources?
  2. How will the relationships you are building here in the WRGP propel you into further collaboration around water resources when you are out of graduate school?

You can apply through the Google form here.

Have you seen someone in action who exemplifies these qualities? NOMINATE THEM! Use the "Nominate a watershed community builder" form here. We will notify the nominee, and ask that they respond to the above short essay question.

This award has been developed and is funded by recent WRGP alumni who believe that community building is vital to working in the water world, and that connecting with fellow WGRP students is a great place to start. Award will be distributed based on essay responses, need, and merit. Funds from this award are intended to have no spending restrictions; they can be used towards tuition and conferences, rent and groceries, and - we hope - the opportunity to have a conversation with a colleague, mentor, or professional leader. Award amount will range from $250 to $500.