A Little About Us

FarmHouse was founded in 1905 by a group of like-minded students at the University of Missouri who had a few important things in common: studying agriculture and looking for community. But, what they created together became so much more.

The Oregon State Chapter of FarmHouse is a newer chapter. We pride ourselves on being a tight-knit group dedicated to bettering ourselves through four-fold development, growing intellectually, spiritually, socially/morally, and physically.

FarmHouse Fast Facts

  • Refounded October 13, 2019
  • Chapter Average GPA: 3.55
  • Current Membership: 8
  • Over $2300 Raised for Charity
  • William Jasper Kerr Cup 2020
  • Non-Secretive Open Ritual
  • $86,538 in National Scholarships
  • Alcohol-Free Chapter Housing
  • Open to all majors

Contact Us

President JD Stables (503) 662-6636

Recruitment Chair Paul Lepschat (503) 686-3708

Find us on Instagram and Facebook:



Or send us an email at [email protected]

FarmHouse is more than just a name!

FarmHouse is an acronym that stands for the foundational values of the organization!










FarmHouse is a Fraternity Dedicated to the Building of Men!

Our mission is to create a community of brotherhood that cultivates the potential of our members, strengthens values, and provides unique leadership and personal growth opportunities to build exceptional men. 

We don't just say we are committed to growth; we take action. FarmHouse regularly has opportunities for individuals to grow; Brothers can improve their leadership, confidence, and public speaking skills across the country—more information on these events at our Fraternity Headquarters website farmhouse.org.