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If you need additional assistance, we encourage you to stop by our office (SEC 108) or contact [email protected] for more information!

Club Creation & Navigation (Ideal-Logic)

You can find a list of all of the clubs and organizations at OSU on our Find Clubs section. On this webpage, you can filter clubs by categories such as cultural clubs or sports clubs. For each club, you may request information on what the club does or you can join the club directly if the club is open to anyone joining. If you wish to find more information about clubs, some clubs have websites which can be found at the Club Websites. (Please note that some clubs linked have not edited their page and they will be blank).

Before applying to create a new club, it is a good idea to make sure there are no clubs that are similar to the one that you are thinking of making. If there are no clubs that are similar, then go to the Create a New Club under Manage Club to look at the basic requirements:

Then you may start working on a new club application on Ideal-Logic. Once you have filled out the application, please try to write the constitution for your club and schedule an appointment with a peer educator to review your application and constitution by emailing: [email protected]

An authorized signer is an officer who has been granted the authority to purchase goods and services on behalf of the RSO and who has access to financial information associated with the RSO’s index. One of the RSO’s primary contacts can submit an Authorized Signer form through the club’s dashboard in the RSO Database (Ideal‐Logic), to add, update and removed authorized signer for the group.

An index is a financial account for your club or organization that keeps records of your current funds as well as previous charges and transactions. The funds in your index can be used to make purchases for your organization's activities. If your organization does not have an index, you can fill out the Index Request Form located on your organization's dashboard in Ideal-Logic. Please note that you index may take up to 6-10 weeks to be created once the form is initially submitted.

More information can be found here.

The Website Request form on your Ideal-Logic dashboard allows you to create a free website for your organization and add or remove an author/manager of an existing page. The website will be linked on our OSU Clubs and Organizations domain for other students to find information about your organization.

Website Request Form 

Changes to Club’s website


DISCLAIMER: Only officers of the club will have access to submit this form. If your club is not active this form will not appear on your dashboard. Additionally, you will need the full name, ONID, and OSU email address to be able to fill out the form. 


  1. Log into “https://apps.ideal-logic.com/osusli” and click on “OSU login” using your ONID login. 
  2. On your club dashboard, you can find the form in the light green box titled “Website Request.” 
  3. Click on “Website Request” in the light green box on the club’s page. On the first page titled “Questions”, three options appear: A new website, Add a new manager or author to an existing page, and Remove a manager or author. 
  4. Now you will need to select the appropriate form. 
    1. “A new website” is used to add the desired website address to the clubs page. For this option, you will be required to include:
      1. website address (example is seen on the form)
      2. site manager (person (s) in charge of the website) 
      3. contact phone number for status on the request
    2. “Add a new manager or author to an existing page” option is used to authorize access to the website address to different person(s). For this option, you will need:
      1.  site manager
      2. contact phone number
      3. web address 
      4. If there are multiple people that need access to the site, please list them under additional site authors. 
    3. “Remove a manager or author” option is used to revoke website access to a previous site manager(s). For this option, you will be required to include: 
      1. web address
      2. site manager(s) and author(s) to remove. 
  5. Once you have selected one of the three options and filled out the required fields, proceed to the review page by clicking the green button labeled “Next” found at the bottom right of the page. 
  6. Review the submission before submitting the form. If all the required information has been filled out and is correct, click the green button labeled “Submit Website Request” at the bottom right. 
  7. If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] or visit us at SEC 108

To create a constitution for your organization, please follow our updated Constitution Guidelines for reference. Our peer educators will work with you to develop this for recognition of your club or organization.

Record Minutes form 

Notes that are recorded during a meeting


DISCLAIMER: Only officers approved from the club will have access to the form. If your club is deactivated and has not completed the annual recognition this form will not appear on your dashboard. You will need your ONID to access this form. 


  1. Log into “https://apps.ideal-logic.com/osusli” and click on “OSU login” using your ONID login. 
  2. On your club dashboard, you can find the form in the light green box titled “Record Minutes.”
  3. Click on “Record Minutes” in the light green box. An orange window with the date accessed will appear. 
  4. In this window you will see a header titled “Activity/Meeting.” This is where you will upload the notes taken during the meeting. To begin this process click on the gray button titled “Select a Registration Item.”
  5. Here you will see a list of activities that have been submitted. Select the appropriate activity that corresponds to the notes that need to be uploaded. Scroll down the page, here you will see that a date is required. Please put in the date that meeting/activity occurred. As you continue to scroll down the page you will see headers titled attendance, excused people, late, documents, and links–see below for details. 
    1. Attendance is required for this form,  you will use the gray button titled “Select a Person” to add the person (s) who attended the meeting/activity. This is a required field.
    2. Excused people (s) is not a requirement for this form to be completed; however, you may choose to complete this action. To do so, you will begin by clicking the gray button titled “ Select a Person.” This function will allow you to add people (s) that were excused. 
    3. Late people (s) are not required for this form to be completed; however, you may choose to complete this action. To do so, you will begin by clicking the gray button titled “Select a Person.” This function will allow you to add people (s) that were late.
    4. Documents are not required for this form to be completed;however, if your club recorded their notes on a document–here is where you can upload those documents. 
    5. Links are not required for this form to be completed; however, if your club has a link to where the notes for the activity/meeting can be found you can share the link by pasting in the box. 
  6. Once you have completed all the required fields click the “Submit button” this can be found at the bottom right of the page. 
  7. Lastly, if you have any further questions or concerns you can refer to our website for our office hours and contact information.


Activity Planning

Activity plans are used to keep a record of an organization's activities and ensure that they uphold university guidelines. All events hosted by the organization need to be reported on Ideal-Logic (including open, closed, and non-funded events). 

A special event is a one time occuring event that is not the same time or day as your organization's meetings. 

Organization development is anything that is directly related to the development of your club

  • Club meetings
  • Club merch
  • Club equipment
  • etc.

25Live is the website that clubs can use in order to reserve rooms on campus. In order to get requestor access to be able to reserve rooms, you must

  1. Be an officer of the club on Ideal-Logic
  2. Log into 25Live at least once 
  3. Email [email protected] with your club name, your full name, and ONID email address
  4. Wait for access

When you have access, we will email you back that you can start requesting reservations for rooms. Up to 3 officers may have requestor access on 25Live.

To report an activity, you will need to fill out the Activity Plan/Report form on your Ideal-Logic dashboard prior to the date of the event (please see our submission guidelines for events being funded by SOA Grants). From there, you will need to provide the necessary information regarding the planning, logistics, and budget materials for your event (including open, closed, and non-funded events). Within 20 days of your event taking place, you will then complete a Post-Activity Report to evaluate the event overall.

While marketing for non-funded and closed events is not required, it is within our policy for open events to be submitted to the OSU Events Calendar as they are geared towards all OSU students. We do offer optional marketing services to clubs and organizations on our Instagram (@clubsatosu) upon request.

First, go to the OSU Events Calendar and click on the Submit an Event button. Fill out all relevant information and then wait until your event is approved and on the calendar.

No, RSOs are not eligible to reserve motor pool vehicles directly, nor can a club index be used to bill the costs of a motor pool vehicle.

Only an OSU department can reserve MotorPool vehicles. If your organization is in relationship with an OSU department or program, you should work with them to see if they are willing to reserve on your club's behalf.  You can reimburse a department for the costs of the reservation by submitting a payment request form through ideal-logic.

SOA does not support motor pool reservations for RSO.

Trying to find students to join your club or learn about your events? Try submitting a data request! As long as you are a registered student organization, you can request that a message be sent to a specific academic group of students. To learn more, click here.


To access your club's current funds and previous transactions, go to OSU CORE for more information. Once in CORE, click on Dashboard, fill in the current fiscal year along with your organization's index (MSOxxx), and click search to view your reports. Please note that only the organization's treasurer(s) may access CORE, they must have the treasurer position on Ideal-Logic.

More information can be found here.

You will need to fill out a Payment Request form on your Ideal-Logic dashboard. You will need to include a cost demonstration and estimate of what you will be purchasing. Then you will need to look at the times that our office is open to checking out the credit card (will be on the form) and put down a time that you can come during the available time.

On the Ideal-Logic dashboard, there is a form called Payment Request form. In that form, there is an option that lets you to reimburse a member for an organization's purchases. However, someone cannot reimburse themselves.


You do not need to check out a P-card(our office's credit cards) in order to use your organization's funds. On your club's Ideal-Logic dashboard, there is a Payment Request form where you have the options to either reimburse someone, check out the credit card to use in a store/restaurant(anywhere that accepts credit), or make an online purchase in our office (SEC 108) with the credit card. If you are using our credit cards, we do have certain time windows where you can check out the card or use the card for an online purchase that is shown when you fill out the Payment Request Form.

If your club does not spend all the SOA Grant money, our office will contact you or your organization to organize a reimbursement unless otherwise noted.

You will navigate the Payment Request form on your Ideal-Logic dashboard. 

  1. Click on the Payment Authorization option 
  2. Fill out all necessary information
  3. Have an authorized signer approve the form