Our playday series is the team's main fundraiser of the year; all proceeds go to fund our trip to the Western States Drill Team Championships at the Reno Rodeo in Nevada. As you can imagine, that trip gets pricey! We strive to keep class prices as low as possible while still adequately funding the Reno competition. Thank you for your participation and support...we couldn't do it without you!

Feel free to print your sign-up sheet and waiver at home and bring them to the show - it will speed up your check-in time!


ANNOUNCEMENT: Pricing Change for the Remaining 2014 Playdays

OSU is requiring us to pay a new, extra insurance fee for all people that attend our playdays: this includes not only riders, but also coaches, parents, and spectators. We paid for this per-person fee out of our profits for the February playday, but it significantly reduced the portion of profits dedicated to send the team to our Regional Champinoship competition in Reno, Nevada.

Because of this, we are adding a $3 insurance fee to every rider's registration fees for the March 2nd and April 13th show dates. The $3 will cover the rider and some of the spectators, so we will still be "eating" the cost of some of this insurance. We apologize for this added expense, especially in this slow economy, so we hope that everyone understands our need to pass a portion of this cost on to the riders.

Thank you for your continued participation and support of the team! We appreciate you all and cannot wait to see you at the next two playdays.


All riders under 18 MUST wear a helmet, and MUST have a parent signature on their waiver to ride.


Revised 2014 Playday Buckle Series Flyer

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Feel free to download, print, and share with
your friends!

Revised 2014 Playday Buckle Series Sign-up Sheet

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A new sign-up sheet will be needed for each show day.

April OSU Waiver

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A new waiver is required for each show day.
Please fill out the correct waiver for each show day.


February Show
March Show
April Show

Playday Buckle Series Rules & Events

Download Rules & Events

Based on WHO (Western Horseman of Oregon)
gymkhana rules. We will follow these rules, but 
all calls by the judge are FINAL.

Contains measurements/descriptions of the
events to be run.