Due to budget cuts at Oregon State University, members of the OSU Dairy Club, decided to establish an endowment that would provide dollars for many activities that are important for the development of students.  These activities would not only provide an avenue for the students to apply what they have learned, but would also put them in a more competitive position for internships, advanced degrees and employment.  The students have set a goal of raising $500,000.  The following are the main activities that presently exist or will be established for students to participate in outside the classroom:

Dairy Challenge

This program puts a group of students on a team; many times it is a mix of students from different universities.  These students are presented a problem on a dairy; they work with the producer, do research and put together a presentation that solves the problem described.  A class titled Advance Dairy Management is being developed.

Dairy Judging

This program has students evaluate four dairy cows, decide how they should be placed and put together a two minute presentation telling why they made their decision on the placing.  There is a class that helps students learn how to evaluate and make presentations.

Both of the above programs require students to put in a large of amount of time practicing to prepare for competitions.  These practices create a high level of learning; students must look at many different situations and work with other students to come to a conclusion.  They must practice preparing their presentations that explain their decisions.  The practice sessions gives students the opportunity to visit many different dairy operations and interact with the owners of these dairies, which in turn gives them a wide view of the industry.

The American Dairy Science and Student Affiliate(ADSA)

This organization gives students the opportunity to attend the ADSA meeting.  This event has many science presentations that are from the latest science data collected.  ADSA gives the chance for students to develop leadership and improve their knowledge of the latest science advancements.  It provides an opportunity for students to interact with top dairy scientists that can assist them in pursuing advance degrees and employment.

Student Industry Tours

Industry tours allow students to visit many different parts of the dairy industry all over the United States.  These can include places dairies, processing plants, AI organizations, and feed mills to name a few.  This gives students the chance look at many different parts of the industry.  These tours are invaluable.

These opportunities provide students the chance to develop relationships and have experiences that assist in obtaining internships, deciding on and pursuing advanced degrees and finally obtaining employment. 

These students are the future of the dairy industry.  Please help these students reach the $500,000 goal.