Welcome to the Oregon State University Dairy Club Website

The purpose of the Oregon State University Dairy Club is to provide a welcoming, educational atmosphere for OSU and Linn-Benton Community College students who have a dairy interest. The OSU Dairy Club strives to provide educational activities for dairy youth and the general public, and works to serve the Oregon and national dairy industries. The club caters to students with a wide variety of dairy related interests, and prepares and develops leaders to enter the working world.


Upcoming Events

First Member Meeting Back- April 13th @ 6pm

Annual Activities


Rotate Beaver Classic and Beaver Youth Day every year. 


Dairy Day at the Capitol: ODFA goes to the Capitol to promote the dairy industry. Members can help distribute product in the Galleria or at the legislative appointments.  


ODFA Convention: Dairy club provides ice cream and toppings for everyone at the dinner and also does a presentation on what the club has been up to.   


State FFA Dairy Judging: Dairy Club is in charge of putting on the State FFA Dairy Judging Contest during CDE Days. 


Western Junior Jersey Spring Show: Club members help prepare the barns and sale calves and assist with the show and sale in exchange for Garry Hansen auctioneering the Beave Classic


These events have been put on hold for the last few years, however we are excited to announce that we will be bringing them back for the 2023-2024 school year! Stay tuned for announcements.


Fun Nights: dairy olympics, pumpkin carving, ice cream in a bag, bowling meetings and more.