With the success of the individual Plastic Antweight program, Oregon State Combat Robotics launched a larger, group-oriented build. 

In combat robotics, the 12-pound weight class is called Hobbyweight. Unlike Plastic Antweights, robots in this class are unrestricted in materials and capable of delivering showers of sparks on impact. While OSCR does not host 12 pound competition, the Hobbyweight team will compete at Seattle Bot Battles and WAR Hobby Expo, both in Washington state. 

Hobbyweight Projects

The most unique part of OSCR's Hobbyweight bot is a counter-rotating mass integrated into the beater bar weapon. Powered by a single brushless motor, the beater bar spins via one belt, and using a counter rotating gear, another belt spins a mass on the same axle as the beater. This revolutionary design will counter the gyroscopic forces present in spinning masses, and allow for stable drive handling. 

In traditional electric drive systems, brushed motors mobilized the robot, and the more powerful brushless motors were reserved for spinning weapon systems. OSCR is capturing the size and power of brushless motors and applying it to a robot drive system. This is no small feat, requiring mechanical, electrical and computer science practices. 

All of the production for OSCR's Hobbyweight robot is done in-house at Oregon State University's Machining and Product Realization Laboratory. Those team members responsible for machining the parts for the bot must first complete a series of qualification certificates before beginning to work in the machine shop. Don't have a cert? Reach out and OSCR will help facilitate getting you the qualifications. 

OSCR does not currently host Hobbyweight competition due to the size requirements of such an arena. In order to test this design safely, OSCR first built a heavy duty polycarbonate test box to safely spin the weapon system. The closest available Hobbyweight competitions are in Washington and are hosted by Wester Allied Robotics (WAR); Seattle Bot Battles (June) and WAR Hobby Expo (January or April).

Western Allied Robotics is known for their popular robot WAR Hawk from Discovery Channel's Battlebots, and they have helped other teams into the 250 pound arena, including Team Bad Ideas with Claw Viper and Team Food Fight with Big Dill. OSCR looks forward to facing these competitors in the 12 pound arena. 

Oregon State Combat Robotics covers these design elements, and more, during our weekly general meetings and workshops.