Building for the Plastic Antweight division begins with 3d printing your custom design!

Using your custom printed parts with some OEM electronics, like motors ESCs, servos, and switches, this is where ideas come to life

Oregon State Combat Robotics members have access to 3d printers and club supplies, including OEM parts. Depending on your custom design, your part requirements will vary.

Building a Combat Robot

After designing your ultimate combat robot, the next step is printing the parts. In order to do this, a program like Cura or PrusaSlicer slices the design into layers and routes for the 3d printer to follow.

Within the slicer are several settings available to maximize the strength to weight of the individual part. The number of walls, density of infill, and infill shape are the most common. Walls increase strength the most, followed by infill density and shape; walls increase weight the most as well. 

  • For body pieces and internal parts, five walls and 15% infill with a three dimensional infill is adequate
  • For weapon pieces and armor, up to ten walls and 50%-90% with a two dimensional infill is necessary

Combat robots typically fall into one of three categories that help outline their parts requirements:

  • Inactive weapons, such as Rammers, Wedges, and Thwakbots
  • Active weapons with continuous movement, such as Horizontal Spinners and Vertical Spinners
  • Active weapons with limited movement, such as Lifters and Flippers
  • Some bot designs combine both limited and continuous movement, such as a Hammersaw which has a spinning mass on an extending arm

In an effort to provide the best experience, all club sponsored bots are all powered and controlled by the same 3s LiPo 300 mAh battery packs, dual-speed controllers, and AHFDS radio protocol. Other electronics setups are noted here:


Bot Type Drive Motors Weapon Motor Weapon Controller
Wedge / Pusher / Rammer 16mm Repeat Robotics none none
Spinner (horizontal or vertical) n20 gearmotor 600 rpm 2830 brushless motor 30 amp BESC
Lifter / Grabber n20 gearmotor 600 rpm 20 kg digital servo 6v UBEC

For many OSCR members, it makes sense to join the 3D Printing Club. For those new to 3D printing the club offers training and resources that are otherwise much more difficult or expensive to come by. For those with advanced 3D printing skill, the club offers certifications to access different machines capable of a variety of materials.

3D Printing Club club offers:

  • Training and workshops on FFF 3D printing
  • Over 20 printers
  • Free printing
  • A space to meet and hang out with others interested in 3D printing!
  • Events/activities (like the 3D Derby)
  • Printing challenges
  • Projects (like printer builds and space improvements)
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Industry tours