Welcome to Oregon State Combat Robotics club!

The Oregon State Combat Robotics Club (OSCR) is a student-led organization at OSU that engages participants in the growing sport of Combat Robotics. Consisting of weight classes from 150 grams to 250 pounds, robot combat events occur every month all over the world. Starting from humble beginnings, the sport has now grown into sponsored and televised spectacles. Members of OSCR design, print, build and compete individually, against one another and other west-coast builders in the one-pound Plastic Antweight division, with a larger team build in the twelve-pound Hobbyweight class.

Our History

Oregon State Combat Robotics was founded in 2019 by OSU alums Pavel and Rijen Shonka, and quickly embraced by the west coast combat robotics community. Originally focusing on the Antweight division, the club designed and developed a combat arena capable of supporting one-pound, full-metal, combat robots. Events hosted by OSCR are attended by members and students of OSU, as well as various robotics associations from California to Washington.  

Currently, OSCR has several projects available to club members:
  • Individually designed and built one-pound Plastic Antweight combat robots
  • Team designed and built twelve-pound Hobbyweight full-metal combat robot
  • Various Combat Arena upgrades including automation and event live-streaming
General Meetings

Meeting announcements sent out via Discord

  • President: Charlie O'Brien
  • Vice-President: Osian Leahy
  • Treasurer: Brandon Silvis
  • PR & Media: Emily Robertson
  • Email OSCR: [email protected]