2017-18 Meeting Minutes: Fall 2017

This is a summary of faculty and student body meetings as witnessed by a GSA representative. Comments here do not denote offical policy changes. Followup questions can be directed to a GSA representative or appropriate faculty


BioE Fall 2017 Meeting:

Attendees: Adam Higgins (CBEE), Joe Baio (CBEE), Jim Sweeney (CBEE), Anita Hughes (CBEE), Mario Magana (EECS), Katherine Hunter-Zaworski (CCE)

  • Considerations for application process: determine which BIOE professors are willing/have funds to take students; assign a person to represent all aspects of BioE; focus on match-making for applicants
  • Items that are still under ongoing discussions: all schools need to acknowledge BIOE students, thus, credits, completed degrees, etc... go back to the respective professor/advisor not just the "BIOE" department; separate BIOE GTA (where the funds for these positions are coming from)
  • Joe Baio will the first point of contact going forward for BIOE applicants/new students
  • BIOE PhD students will go through 3 stages/exams: Qualification Exam, Preliminary Exam, and Final Defense
  • Quals will be formatted similarly to the conventional preliminary exam where the student will compile a literature review of their projected specific field of study/research and present on the potential research directions the student plans to execute while highlighting the contributions that could be achieved
  • Core courses will start being offered Winter 2018, specifically, Physiology for Engineers and Cell and Molecular Engineering (both currently labeled as special topics courses (BIOE 599) until they get official unique course numbers) and the other two will be offered Spring 2018
  • Seminar credits will be fulfilled by CBEE 507 for now but a BIOE 507 seminar will be organized eventually