Arriving at Portland:


     Follow the sign, ask info desk or take the ferry bus(if needed) to go to the baggage claim place (first floor)


     Walk out the revolving door after pick up luggage then cross street.


     There is an info desk on your left side courtesy. 


     You can ask the info desk for more information about the shuttle if needed. 

5)问里面的人Hut Shuttle在哪里坐。里面的人会告诉你就在那个厅子的旁边。

     Before get on to the bus, make sure you hand your luggage to the driver.


     Student ticket is 44 USD, and adult ticket is 48 USD (pay for the ticket money to bus driver after you get on to the bus)

7)上了车问司机在Corvallis哪个站停车。注意,Corvallis有两个站,一个是Bookstore一个是Hilton。看如下地图,上图为Hilton下图为Bookstore。地图上已标出如何到INTO ILLC的路线。

     There are two stops in Corvallis. One is OSU Bookstore and the other one is Hilton Hotel. Make sure you tell the driver which stop you are heading to. (Hilton Hotel is cross street of ILLC, the into building; Bookstore is next to the OSU library.)



Arriving at Eugene:


1)打电话给OmniShuttle Tel:1-800-741-5097 或者541-461-7959。

     Call Omnishuttle. Tel: 1-800-741-5097 or 541-461-7959


     Tell them you need a pick up at Eugene airport and going to Corvallis


     The ticket is 65 USD for the entire car, and It is 5 dollars more when add one more person. This means the more people ride in one car, the less money each person pays. 


     The OmniShuttle can take you to any stop you need in Corvallis. 


Translation is done by Yuling Zhou : )