Campus Ambassadors seek to create communities through which students are transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, relating them to local churches and training them as servant leaders for Christ and His Kingdom. 

Growth: each one faithfully pursuing relationship with God and regular fellowship together (one-on-one, small groups, fellowship)

Service: each one maturing in responsibility and service

Outreach: each one influencing others with the love of Christ


Ministry Distinctives. Our core values are Lordship Evangelism, Church Relationship, Biblical Righteousness, and Leadership Development.  

Lordship Evangelism: Introducing students to Jesus Christ and calling them to personally commit themselves to Him as Lord and Savior.

Church Relationship: Helping students understand and appreciate their unique role in the diverse body of Christ for a lifetime of community and fellowship.

Biblical Righteousness: Challenging students to grow as obedient disciples of Christ, whose personal, social and public lives reflect God's righteousness, justice and compassion in our world.

Leadership Development: Equipping students to serve and influence others through Christ-like leadership in the church, their school, and society at large.