President: Organizes club efforts, delegates tasks to officers, leads activities, and

sends out listserve emails.


Vice-President: Assumes role of president when he/she is busy, assists President

and other officers as needed.


Event Cordinator: Creates itinerary for club activities and organizes



Ag Exec Officer: Attends all Ag Exec council meetings. If there is no Ag Exec Officer,

then the duties will fall upon the President and club officers.


Secretary: Takes notes during meetings, sends out e-mails concerning meetings and



Treasurer: In charge of monitoring club funds and fundrasing efforts.


Webmaster: Keeps the club website and facebook page up to date. If there is no

webmaster, duties will fall upon President and Vice President.


Greenhouse Keeper: Monitors the greenhouse plants, organizes planting events

and is in charge of keeping the club table stocked with plants.