Officers 2013-2014 

Co-Presidents: Patrick W., Andrew H. 

Secretary: Koryn L. 

Officers of Sign Up Tables: Sean L., Kurtis P. 

Officer of Promotion and Publicity: Forrest B. 

OFficers of Promotion and Publicity: Suzy S., Haley V., Haley E., and William S. 

Officers of Greek & Living Group Recruitment: Annie W., Austin L., Marco T., Sam C. 

Volunteer Coordinators: Oresta T., Rebecca G. 


Officers 2012-2013

Co-President: Patrick Winczewski, Andrew Henderson 

Secretary: Rhianna Taniguchi 

VP Publicity: Paul Bluhm 

VP Signup Tables: Sean Langland

Greek and Living Group Recruitment: Kim Countryman, Heather Wheeler

Volunteer Recruitment: Kayla Bell 


Red Cross Representative: 

Janice H. & Marisa W.