Welcome to the ASHRAE OSU Student Branch!

The ASHRAE Oregon State University (OSU) Student Branch is a community of students (aka. future professionals) dedicated to serving humanity by advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and their allied fields. Our membership is primarily comprised of engineering students, but we also embrace other disciplines with the shared vision to create a healthy and sustainable built environment for all!

Through branch activities, we envision a more live-able built environment by understanding environmental system integration, codes/standards for healthy and sustainable buildings, and human comfort. We want to actively participate in networking and career opportunities that can help us shape our vision.

The ASHRAE OSU Student Branch activities and opportunities include speaker meetings, networking events, career and knowledge sessions, tours of local facilities, travel scholarships to the national ASHARE winter and annual conferences, collaborative events and tours by the ASHRAE Oregon Chapter, faculty mentors, student branch general meetings, etc.