Joining the Archery Club allows you to come regularly to practices and borrow our equipment during club events.

To join the club, you must do the following things:

  • Join the club online and fill out the safety waiver online.
  • Pay membership dues ($35).
  • Attend a safety training session



Visit the Student Organizations Website (, sign in with your ONID information, and go to "Find Organization" on the left.

Search for "Archery" and press the "Join" button next to the Archery Club.

After joining, go to the Archery Club page on Student Organizations and fill out the Safety Waiver. There should be a link on the right-hand side to access the waiver. Make sure that you press the "Submit" button, or you won't be added to the roster correctly.


Current 2012-2013 membership dues are $35. You can pay the dues at most club meetings and practices. Contact us before you come to verify that you can pay dues at a given event.


We offer safety training at the beginning of most of our weekend practices, if there are instructors available. Please make sure you have signed up online and paid dues before attending the safety training, and contact us to make sure you come to a practice where we are able to offer it.

This safety training insures that members are able to practice archery safely and responsibly, and follow range rules.